Monday, November 19, 2007


Every day
you find a new way
to break my heart
to make me sway
to kill me a little more
with your words so sore
or your silent silence
that defeats my very core

Every night
is a silent fight
to hold in the tears
with a smile too bright
to reign in the anger
I feel at this stranger
the stranger who is me
yet to me is a danger

Every time we talk
is a torturous walk
down memory lane
those moments still stalk
but i chose this life for me
able to live with it i must be
even though it kills me a little each day
i have no option but to drown in this sea

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Empty thoughts empty mind
empty is all that's left behind

Empty heart empty soul
empty is what has made me whole

Empty poems empty prose
empty is all that within me grows

Empty muse empty force
empty i write without remorse..

Monday, September 17, 2007

The blank green table...

I am sitting on a blank green table
in a class full of chattering people
yet not a sound pierces my thought bubble
as i sit here thinking of you..

The teacher is standing in the corner
tortured and insulted hurt and broken
may be he knows what i am suffering
as i sit here thinking of you

There was a time when every other sentence you said was "I LOVE YOU"
and today all you have left is "I have NOTHING to say to you"
where have we come we you don't care anymore..i wonder
as i sit here thinking of you

You say you are busy
can't help the way i am feeling
But then did you ever care..i ponder
as i sit here thinking of you

These thoughts these feelings
are lynching me to death
killing my precious memories
as i sit here thinking of you

Tarnished i stand feeling foolish and betrayed
duped by my own instincts would i ever trust again
no i decide understanding the lesson i have been taught
as i sit here thinking of you

I am sitting on a blank green table
wiping my slate just as clean
letting go of the past and the future
as i no longer sit here thinking of you..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

zindagi ne zindagi bhar gam diye

thi mom si pighalti zindagi,
kshan kshan ristee,sulagti zindagi,
katara katara ghatati,katarti zindagi,
kataraati khud se,sakpakati zindagi,
jalti khud ,khud ko bhulaati zindagi,
andheron ko lubhaati,lau se lipti zindagi,

shayad kabhi......neenv mein hi simat jaati zindagi,
aur tabhi....badan pe fisalti humne paayi zindagi,
rishton mein lapetti nazar aayi zindagi,shikawon ko jalaati,shikan-si saham jaati,
boond-boond upalaati ,sard sajaayi zindagi,dhuein mein urati-firati,
koron se thodi darati,mere antar-man ke dhaagesang khilkhilaayi zindagi.

phir tumne aah bhar di,is mom ke shahar mein,
pattharon ke dil se bhi,nikal aayi zindagi.
thi mom si kabhi.... yeh pighalti zindagi,ab mom si hai yeh......sanwarti zindagi,
tha dar kabhi jaane ka shaayad,ab aahon ki aabroo ko teri......darti hai zindagi.

meri zindagi ko teri hui aadat hai yakinan,
tabhi to tere dar se gujarti hai zindagi.
meri zindagi ki bas ek ilteja hai tumseis bejubaan zindagi ko maan le apni zindagi.

koi padhe to ro na dena

Gum iska nahi ki wo darte hai hame zamane k samne lane me,
gum to hai ki is zamane k chalte hum darte hai apne jazbaton ko unke samne lane me


Un andhero mein jab na koi kareeb tha mere,
Isi tanhaai ne toh nibhaya tha mere saath.
Par kya ek pal ko bhi toone socha E Khuda,
Tere usi tanhaai ki vajah se he nahi thama tha kisi ne mera haath.

Rone ko toh ro lunga mein jaar-jaar,
Tapkenge ye aansu ek nahi hazaron baar.
Par ush tanhai mein bhi nibhane wala koi saath toh ho,
Tanha he sahi, par dil ki koi baat toh ho.

Ab toh ghoot raha hai dum mera ish tanhai mein,
Aur dikh raha hai chehra uska apni he parchai mein.
Ab aur kitna andhere baki hai is tanhai mein,
Is seene mein jal raha hai ek dil yaadon ki gehraai mein.

Ek muddat se nahi dekha use, ab toh intehan ho gayi hai intzaar ki,
Aur sukh rahi hai ye ankhein ummid mein uske deedar ki.
Baat na sahi, par uska ek Akash toh dikha de,
Ek pal ko he sahi, par ush Sakhas se toh mila de..

hum likhe to aise kaise likhe

Tere diye huye aanso hai tere diye hoye gham hai
tera diya hua tuta hua dil hai jeene ke liye ye kya kam hai

jab pyaar hamne tujh se kiya to kya pyaar ese kam hai
teri yado ke diye huye mele hai kya hua agar akele ham hai

bhulke milne juda hone ke kayi sawaal hai
har jawab main bas ankhein hi to nam hai

teri berukhi tera u satana tere liye chup chup kar anso bahana
zindagi ke safar main kafi ye kam hai

ehmiyat ye sache pyaar ki har kisi ko nahi milti
sache pyaar ka ye tofa mila mujhe tujh se hi to sanam hai

koun kehta hai ke joda ho gae en faslo se ham
lamho ki es barish main her pal teri yado ka janm hai

teri batien tere wade teri woh muskorahthein
jilege ab enke sahare enmein bahut dam hai

Jab tujh se pyaar kiya tu tere ghamo se bhi ker lege
kaya howa ger bewafa hai, hai tu mera hi woh sanam hai

Monday, September 10, 2007

Exuberancia azules..

It starts with frustration and ends with FRUSTRATION!!!

Yes, we are talking about that four letter word that's like chocolate.. some love it, some hate it and others, just don't care.. and we are not talking about love here, it's life which is so fucked up, it makes your world go round till you are too dizzy to stay sane.

Have you ever wondered how it is to let your life go out of control right in front of your eyes and strangle you, while you stand there hapless with no knowledge of what is to come and where its taking you..

Have you ever wondered how it is when you are desperately trying to fix those wrecked pieces of your life, while they keep messing up more n more..

Have you ever wondered how it is when your own reflection stares at you like a stranger..

Have you ever wondered how it is when every time you try to solve this crossword, the answers just won't match..

Have you ever wondered how it is when you wake up to a person more beaten than the one who slept..

Have you ever wondered how it is to live with yourself, when you are hating every bit of it..

Have you ever wondered how it is to shovel through this snow, when all you want to do is curl up and get frozen..

Have you ever wondered how it is when you are trying to hold onto something with all your might, and all you are left with is zilch..

Have you ever wondered how it is when, just when you decide you are at the bottom of the world, you find yourself getting plunged, deeper still..

Have you ever wondered how it is to scream your head off and not hear a sound, when all you want is to cry out loud n tears just won't come out..

Have you ever wondered how it is to feel a love that the whole world can see except the one you love..

Have you ever wondered how it is to feel so down that even chocolate doesn't work..

Have you ever wondered how it is when you are standing in a circle of light and yet, it's only the shadows beyond it that you can see..

Have you ever wondered how it is when every time you look back, all you see is mistakes that you could never learn from, wounds that time could never heal, and regrets that would never go away.

And then, have you also wondered.. that no matter how unhappy we are, no matter how much in pain, no matter how powerless we feel.. we still choose to live.. dangling by that faint glimmer of hope.. that someday things will change.. Maybe, life's not about frustration after all..
Maybe, it's just about a promise.. that, deep inside you know.. will be broken.. and you will be left again.. to wonder!


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Through the same cracked glass...

The glass is still cracked, the view is still blue
i don't know where i am going, just here to find a clue..

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Through the broken glass..

Broken glass..obstructs my view..
I'll write back..when I'm through..